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Stringing and other ringing software

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Stringing is a program to generate bell ringing changes
on RISC OS (e.g. Acorn) computers.

It has been tested successfully on A440 (with Arm 3 upgrade), A5000, A7000, RiscPC600, StrongArm RiscPC, Iyonix PC and Raspberry Pi* machines. It will also run on a ‘PC’ running Virtual Acorn.

*Raspberry Pi running RISC OS

Stringing offers:

  • Over 150 stored methods, from 3 to 12 bells
  • Other methods can be rung by entering the place notation
    at the keyboard
  • ‘Blue line’ displays with synchronised striking
  • ‘Real’ church bell sound
  • Ringing from the keyboard
  • Ringing a dedicated dumbbell or silenced tower bell [not available
    on the Iyonix or on PCs running Virtual Acorn.]
  • Touches can be:
  • Entered in advance at the keyboard
  • Loaded from file
  • Called ‘live’ at the keyboard
  • Saved to a file for printing

Further information on Stringing can be obtained by downloading the Stringing Manual (520Kb)
or by contacting the author.

Other Ringing Software

for RISC OS:

!AGBells generates, displays and sounds the changes for a range of methods. Other methods can be added by entering the place notation. Its particular strength is its dynamic 'blue line' display.
Details: Alan Griffin, Rosebank, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxon

!CallChnge displays a set of animated ringers and bells busy ringing rounds and allows you to change their order interactively. The changes can be saved, replayed and saved to a file. It is useful for beginners to listen to named changes, or for those just starting to learn to 'call'.
Click here for the Fortran Friends website and for details including how to download it and for a manual in PDF format.

!Methods animates a band of from 4 to 16 bellringers ringing standard methods. You can simulate conducting in the tower and save the method 'Diagram' to a Draw file with red and blue lines.
Click here for the Fortran Friends website and for details of how to download the latest version.

!Strike simulates accurate and repeatable striking errors, providing an opportunity for ringers, singly or in groups, to improve their listening skills and their ability to detect and correct errors.
Cost: 10 (Most of which is donated to bell restoration funds)
See the author's web site.
or send a S.A.E. to:
John Harrison, 2 Murdoch Road, Wokingham, Berks, RG40 2DA

for PC:

For details of Abel   see
For details of Beltower   see
For details of Virtual Belfry   see