History of the Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal

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My 'History' has been a work in progress for some years and is still some way from completion. Anxious as I am to get into the public domain at least some of the information I have gathered, and the interpretation I have put on it, I have now decided to publish the History as a series of papers on specific aspects, with the complete set ultimately being available in bound form.

'Purpose and Promotion' ISBN 978 0 9517991 6 1
'The Dadfords'
are the first two papers in the series and may be downloaded free of charge as PDF files.

I'm also gradually adding a series of downloadable ‘Topic Notes’ on specific items and incidents,
currently as follows:-

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  The Canal Celebrations of 1812

The ‘Misfortune’ at the Ashford Tunnel

The 1793 Brecon & Abergavenny Canal Act

Pontymoile Junction and Water from the B & A

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