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John Richard Norris

Bell ringer, Austin 7 enthusiast, canal boater
and amateur historian

Front page last updated: 11 June 2023

Information on this website includes:-

dumbbell.jpg 17Kb  the author’s design of mini-dumbbell
  [A publicity Flier is available.]

Ringview.jpg 104Kb  The Wickham Ring
  (the author’s mini ring.)

half-wheel.gif - 22Kb  Notes on
  The development of bell wheels.

tilted bell.jpg - 32Kb
  Notes on When a bell strikes?
  (of rather limited general interest;
  basic ringing knowledge assumed.)

wheelalone.gif - 21Kb

  Bell ringing program Stringing
  which is designed to generate
  bell ringing changes on RISC OS
  (e.g. Acorn) computers.

cover.jpg - 21Kb
  Guide to
  The Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal

Seal.jpg - 17Kb
  History of
  The Brecon & Abergavenny Canal

HTcover.jpg - 45Kb
  Notes on
  Holy Trinity Church, Hurstpierpoint
  (11Mb pdf file)

memorial.jpg - 40Kb
  The War Memorials at Hurstpierpoint

window.jpg - 65Kb
  Stained glass at Holy Trinity

  (24Mb pdf file)

HTbells.jpg - 49Kb
  The Church Bells of Hurstpierpoint
  (7.4Mb pdf file)

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